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Our Vision Statement

We see the kingdom growing, lives changing, and people loving and serving because we have been with Jesus.

Our Mission Statement

Cornerstone Church exists to win the lost, disciple the won and care for the community.

Our Code

Not By Sight

It's About Faith.

We are called to take ground. We will not allow fear to keep us from taking big chances because we serve a big God.

Use the Blinker

It's About Communication.

We set clear expectations and communicate everything that needs to be known to who needs to know it as fast as possible. We strive for effective communication to help us do effective ministry.

Set the Table

It's About Excellence.

Excellence and intentionality is the standard. We will prepare, give our best effort, creatively improve and commit to innovation. We strive to be intentional in everything we execute.

Pray First

It's About Prayer.

We believe in the power of prayer. Everything we do starts and ends with prayer so we can accomplish the mission God has for us.

Walk It Out

It's About Resolve.

We balance grace and truth by being honest and honoring. We will not back down from healthy conflict and conversation. When we get stuck, we revert to Matthew 18.

People Over Product

It's About Relationships.

Every name has a story and we will fight for the next best chapter. We care about each other more than we do the result. We will fight for unity.

Give It Away

It's About Development.

Ministry is a shared experience. We will raise up and develop leaders, replace ourselves, and focus on positioning dreamers to achieve their God-calling.