Small Groups

We're Better Together

Why are we better together?

Small groups help us forge new relationships with like-minded
people, building authentic relationships that promote and
support your walk with God.

Through small groups, we are known, loved, encouraged, and
challenged to be more like Christ.

Group Types

See which group type best fits your schedule.

Study Groups

Study Groups are designed to help us engage and grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus and each other. These groups focus on a specific topic or dive deeper into the recent weekend message and ways to apply it to our lives. They meet almost every day of the week, both in-person, and virtually.

Hobby Groups

Hobby Groups allow us to find community and develop friendships with those who share our interests. These groups include prayer and intentional conversations of faith. They meet almost every day of the week, both in-person, and virtually! From Deltona, to Sanford, there’s a group just for you.

Virtual Groups

Virtual Groups provide community to those who share hectic schedules or are unable to participate in other groups. These groups allow us to learn, pray, and engage in community – from the comfort of your home.

View this link for an idea of how Virtual Groups work.

Lead Your Own Group

At Cornerstone, we're giving it away. Help empower others to achieve all that God has for them.

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