• Prayer And Fasting
    Depending of individual circumstances,
    make Friday the day of fasting in preparation
    for the Friday night special service or make
    Saturday the day of fasting as a follow-up to
    the service on October 3rd @ 7pm.
  • Spiritual Gifts...
    What has God given you? Make plans to join us
    Friday evenings at 6:30 PM. We will begin with
    a pot luck dinner with an ethnic flair.
    Following our meal, there will be a class
    taught by the Pastors of Cornerstone. The topic
    will be looking at how God empowers His church
    to serve one another through the use of His
    spiritual gifts. The class runs for
    eight weeks with childcare available.
    In order to prepare, it is imperative
    for you to sign up at the Guest Registration.
  • Message 10/4-5
    As we continue our study of the Epistle of Jude,
    this week we look at verses 17-19 and the
    understanding of “Don’t be Surprised Beloved”.
    We should not be surprised at all about by what
    is taking place today in our communities and
    certainly it should be no surprise to any of us if
    we are in fellowship and communication with
    God, as to the condition of the Churches in
    America today. Paul spoke of it, as well as Jude
    and Jesus spoke of it. From apostasy to apathy,
    what’s next? Don’t miss this week message.
    Welcome Home.
  • New Midweek Series
    Wednesday, October 1st -
    Series continues with
    The Performance Of Fasting
    This is the the final in the series.
    This teaching along with the message 9/28.
    will help to prepare for the Friday night Oct 3rd
    an evening of worship and prayer
    Last weeks message available on-line.
  • ** October 26th **

    Hotdogs, Hayrides, Prizes, Costumes
    Fun for the your Family
    Fun for our Cornerstone Family
    Fun for the our Community
    Free Event
    October 26th from 4-7pm
  • October 29th - 4wks
    Introduction to Our Church Family -
    4 weeks Class 101 helps you discover
    how to become a Christ-follower and
    introduces you to our church family.
    The teaching covers four topics:
    Salvation, Our Statement of Faith,
    its strategy, and its structure.
    It is designed to clearly explain the
    “who” and “what” about Cornerstone.
    October 29th @ 7pm.
  • Upcoming Series
    The Church as we know it today, will NOT
    look the same in the next 15-30 years.
    It is headed for a CRASH. The best minds
    in America today have concluded form research,
    that, “overall membership is shrinking, young
    Christians are fleeing and donations are
    drying up”, Political fervor is dividng us.
    (quote from The Great Evangelical Recession:
    John S Dickerson)
    Join us for the WAKE UP call and what we can
    do to avoid the CRASH.
  • It's Never too Early!!
    Here’s an easy opportunity to get involved with
    a very special ministry! Operation
    Christmas Child works in more than 100
    countries. Shoe boxes are packed with toys
    for people who would otherwise not have a
    Christmas. In hopes to bless 200 needy
    children we will be collecting gift containers
    packed with children’s gifts & a shipping fee
    of $7 for each gift. Collections will continue
    until November 23. To learn how you may help,
    contact: Linnette Hernandez @

Kevin Key

Lead Pastor


We really appreciate your interest in Cornerstone. We’re so glad you've joined us online! Enjoy exploring the site and know we’re committed and excited to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. We sincerely hope your visit with us will encourage you to personally visit us at one of our many weekly services. Whatever your circumstances--single, married, with or without children--and no matter where you've been or what you've done, you matter to God and you will experience the difference here. If you are unable to join us then please take a moment and email us your prayer request or any concern or comment you may have. Welcome Home!

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