Studies in the Book of Joshua- Midweek

You as God's son or daughter have a destiny and, although there may be all sorts of obstacles, that destiny will be yours as you choose to believe and obey God. Join us this Wednesday evening at 7 PM for praise and worship and for a continuation of the study "Discover Your Destiny" .

Current Series

When we except Jesus Christ into our life, we become as soldiers in God’s army. Your either a good one or bad one, that’s just a fact, and your either doing the guiding or God is. What we need to understand: We have no strength of our own as soldiers, but we must be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. (2 Tim.2:1). Now, this does not mean that in the Lord’s army we should miss basic training because it’s His grace. 1 Tim.4:7 says very clearly train yourself for godliness. We have a part in this journey; but it’s our weakness, His strength, which will take us on a journey through the life of Gideon. Get ready to be transformed and learn what God can do with little if we are open to His leading.

Part 1: What’s in your backyard?

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men will kickoff its ministry August 16 at the Baileys. This is a family event. See Event page for more details.

Ministry Fair - August 15-16

The Ministry Fair is designed to inform the church about our present ministries, introduce them to the leaders, and provide an opportunity to join a ministry if desired. During all services.

Mid-week Series

New series begins August 12th...more to come.


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